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How To Use a Colorful Marble Like Blue Celeste to Make Your Home Pop!

The world today is saturated with white and gray marble tiles and mosaics. Although this look is a beautiful one, sometimes stepping out of the comfort zone and going for something different can really make a difference. Choosing something outside the norm can feel scary but we are here to make the process as easy as possible! 

Blue tiles and mosaics have surged in popularity over recent years. When Pantone paint company named blue as its color of the year in 2020 the desire for blue tiles skyrocketed. Blue has also been a top favorite color of many people for so many decades. The fact that so much of the population voted blue as their favorite color makes it such an easy choice to go with as the tiles are sure to be a hit with guests. The color can often symbolize tranquility and has a very serene and calming feel. Choosing blue will create a staement and brighten up the space. It will create a gorgeous contrast in the home that will be unique and fun compared to all the plain white tiles that are saturating the market. 

Using blue in a bathroom setting is a very popular choice because blue can represent the ocean and other bodies of water or the peaceful sky. If you're looking for a spa-like experience then using blue marble can really make you feel the color's natural calming effects. Your bathroom should be a safe space where you can relax and unwind after a long day. The fact that the color blue tends to relax and calm the mind can make it such a perfect option. There are so many different ways you can use blue marble in a bathroom. You can create a very fine and feminine vibe or create something that feels very modern and high end. 

This blue marble is subtle and light making it the perfect statement piece while still looking luxurious and classy. The color of Azul Celeste is a light shade of blue that sparkles with some green and yellow hues throughout. The crystallizations in the marble make it have such a beautiful and unique look. You can use it as a floor tile to really make the room shine. As a floor tile Celeste Blue will stand out while making the room feel brighter, larger and more luxurious. You can choose either a mosaic or tile to go on the floor and choose a complimenting piece for the walls.




You can pair Blue Celeste Subway Tiles with a matching mosaic to get a clean and uniform look. BlueCeleste comes in tile sizes 3x6, 6x12, and 12x12. It also comes in five beautiful mosaics: 2"x2" square, 2" hexagon, mega basketweave, contempo, and petals. To finish it off the Blue Celeste collection also offers a liner pencil and crown molding. There is no lack of options when it comes to this collection. There are many different styles  to choose from and so many mosaics you can mix and match until you find your perfect pair. 

Picking the right mosaic and tile options can seem a difficult task and can become quite overwhelming if you aren't sure what kind of look or design you want to go for. If you are redesigning a room it’s best to look at how busy the patterns or colors in the room currently are. If you are redoing your kitchen then you can choose a subtle tile for the backsplash if you have a busy counter design or vice versa. The benefits of Blue Celeste Marble Tiles are that it is a very versatile marble. If you have a black countertop or a white countertop Blue Marble Mosaics can go with either option. Black and blue creates a very sleek and fine look while white and blue will create a very soft and subtle look. 

This marble is still light enough to not be too drastic but also has a gorgeous pearl blue color that can really help to highlight a room. You can use the 3x6 tile as a backsplash in the kitchen and create a subway look. The subway tile look has been a fan favorite for many years and is a classic among kitchen backsplash trends. It is something you can never go wrong with and has withstood the test of time when it comes to staying in style. They are a classic and very versatile style. Using Blue Subway Tiles in this format instead of the traditional white subway tile will create more interest and really make your kitchen backsplash stand out that much more. 

You can compliment Blue Celeste Marble Mosaics with white accent pieces for a more minimal look or you can add some pops of green or other blue tones for a more chic look. As a kitchen backsplash tile or accent wall the Blue Marble Collection is unbeatable in quality and luxury design. This Gorgeous Natural Blue Stone is a quite durable marble  that is perfectly suitable for floor or wall application and can be placed almost anywhere in the home.



If you aren't a fan of the subway tile look then you can choose one of the mosaic patterns to add as a backsplash and compliment the space by choosing a matching tile for the floors. This will create a very beautiful cohesive look. You can also pair  Celeste Blue Tiles  with a beautiful white marble like Thassos. Thassos white marble has a very pretty glimmer to it similar to Celeste. Pairing these two together can create such a luxurious and trendy look. Pairing this material with a white marble will make it stand out even more and make it more of a showstopper.

The Blue Celeste petals mosaic is often a popular choice to go with when it comes to backsplash options. This mosaic has gorgeous white flowers mixed in with the blue to truly create a pop of color while adding contrast.

Whether you're looking for something unique to make a statement or something different but still simple, Blue Celeste marble can be a very versatile choice. This blue marble has a very calming effect and offers a serene look. Whether you use it on your walls or floors, kitchen, or bathroom, you will absolutely fall in love with this gorgeous marble collection! 

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