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Bathroom Renovation Ideas: Black and White Tiles

When starting a bathroom renovation project there are so many questions that come to mind like what tile do I use? What color is best for small bathrooms? Can you use large tiles in a small bathroom? What tile is easiest to keep clean in a shower? And so many more. With so many different options it can become an overwhelming process. Let’s take a dive into each question and get you to the bathroom goals you’ve always wanted!


First up, what kind of tiles are the best option for a bathroom?


When it comes to deciding which tiles are best for a bathroom space there are some things that need to be considered. First thing you should do is find inspiration for what kind of look you want to achieve. Do you want to use black marble, white marble, a colored variation or use porcelain or ceramic. Pinterest is a great source to use to create a mood board of what kind of look you want to achieve. 


Once you have the look you want then comes the fun part! Deciding which tiles to use. Marble is a great option if you want to invest in your home and increase its resale value.  You can use black marble such as Nero Marquina for a sleek and sophisticated look. Or you can use a marble such as Thassos white, Dolomite, Bianco Carrara and so on. You can pair your tiles with a matching mosaic to add some interest or accent to the room. If you want to be unique you can also pair black and white marble together to create a beautiful contrast. 

You can browse our online tile shop for all the most fabulous designs and colors. Waterjet mosaic tiles can offer a high end look and make the space feel that much more luxurious. If marble isn’t your thing you also have the option to place porcelain tiles in your bathroom. Porcelain comes in many different sizes and variations along with some gorgeous mosaic designs. Our Cancun porcelain tile is a great option for adding in a beautiful contrast of black and white. This can be a statement piece in your bathroom or you can use it for a fun and unique flooring look. 


The Marble star tile in porcelain is also a great option to really set your space apart and offer a unique design. Tiles such as these are more for creating drama in a room. When using a tile that has a lot of dimension and design going on then it is best to pair it with something minimal or classic so that the room doesn’t get too busy. If you are using a mosaic like the ones listed before then pairing it with a plain white porcelain tile such as the Toscana Blanco is a great choice.


If black tiles are too much for you there are also many gorgeous white tile options you can go for. White tiles and mosaics usually offer a clean and bright look to a room. All Marble Tiles have an array of picket tile designs that can offer just a bit of contrast without being too harsh or overbearing. You have the options of Picket calacatta gold, Carrara, Dolomite, Palissandro and Carrara and Dolomite mixed. These designs are subtle yet beautiful and offer a fresh pattern that is perfect for both a flooring or wall look. 


The next question many people have when it comes to designing their bathroom is: 

What kind of bathroom tiles are currently in style?


Design trends are always changing but there is one type of tile that is a very timeless look. If you go with marble tiles and mosaics over porcelain or ceramic then your tiles will offer a timeless look that will never go out of style. You can choose anything from black marble hexagon tiles or white marble hexagon tiles to herringbone white tiles, to penny round tiles and so many more options. If marble is too much of an investment and you want to go with an alternative option then going with porcelain is another great choice. To keep the look minimal is key in creating something that will continue to be in style for many years. Going with a black mosaic tile and keeping the room dark if it is a large bathroom or going with a white mosaic tile and keeping it bright and airy are two ways to assure that your bathroom will continue to stay in style for a long time.


If you go with something too unique or follow the current trends of today then you will have a much harder time with making sure your bathroom design still fit’s the trends of the future. 


If I was to redo my bathroom today I would take a step back and ask myself what kind of vibe am I trying to achieve? What does the rest of the house look like? Are there a lot of light colors? Is the place spacious? Do I want my bathroom to be a focal point or do I want it to be as minimal as possible to create a very fresh and light look? After coming to terms with the style I want then I can move forward and choose all the pieces that will bring the room to life. 


I have always personally been a fan of the dark and sleek look of a room. Creating that classy and charming ambiance by using a black tile on the floors such as the gorgeous nero marquina marble. Then pairing that with a matching tile such as the nero marquina pinnacle mosaic. This is the perfect choice for creating a luxurious feel. Choosing just a black marble flooring and then pairing it with white walls would deliver such a beautiful contrast as in the picture below. 

If you end up choosing to go with black tiles since they are oh so gorgeous! A question you may have is: Are black tiles hard to keep clean?

Black tiles tend to be a lot easier to keep clean compared to other colors.  Black hides dirt and grime much easier compared to white tiles which tend to show everything and will need to be cleaned much more frequently. The only things that may show up a little more on black tile are water spots and soap scum and anything else that dries in a white color. But if you choose a black tile that has white veining going through it then this makes it even easier to hide any dirt that comes into contact with the tiles. Black marble floor tiles will look good for decades and you won’t have to break your back always trying to keep the space looking clean. They are definitely worth the investment.

 A great option for black marble tile floors is the gorgeous black marquina marble. Black marquina also known as Nero marquina comes in five beautiful mosaics such as the black hexagon tile, black herringbone tile, the pinnacle mosaic, 1x1 square, and the basketweave with white dot mosaic. It also has black marble tile sizes in 3x9, 6x12, 12x12, 18x18, and 12x24. You can also use a balck crown molding to finish off your look for a truly mesmerizing result. 


If you prefer to go with lighter colored tiles and mosaics for your floors and walls then these will be harder to keep clean and will require more frequent cleanings. There are benefits to choosing white tiles as well though. Choosing a white marble floor will make a small room feel a lot brighter and help make the space feel spacious. Black can tend to make a small room feel even smaller so the general rule should be to choose lighter colors if you are working on a very small bathroom and you have free range when working on a larger bathroom. 


Whether you choose black marble stone or white marble or a white and black marble mix there are endless options to creating your dream bathroom look.


 If you are wondering where to buy marble near me or for a marble shop near me then our showroom is located at 175 Moonachie road moonachie NJ. If coming in person to take a look is not possible then you can explore our online tile shop and order samples of any products you are interested in. If you order 5 or more samples then we offer free shipping. This is a great way to see the material in person and truly fall in love with the look of the tile. Buying marble online can definitely be a little scary if you have never done it before. This is why ordering samples first is a great way to check out the quality of the stone while also getting to put it in the room where the renovation will take place to really see how it will look. 

The melia waterjet mosaic that is pictured above is a beautiful play on a traditional white hexagon tile.This is a perfect option for adding some dimension to a room when choosing to use white tiles instead of black. Waterjet tiles are high quality and luxurious. If you want to make your space feel and look expensive then choosing a high quality waterjet mosaic is a great option. 

No matter what you choose whether you go for a black marble tile, black hexagon tile, white hexagon tile, gorgeous black marquina marble, or marble black and white, all of these choices will offer timeless and beautiful results. Black and white is in and these classics will never be ones to go out of style! 

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