Damage Policy – All Marble Tiles

Damage Policy

What if there is damage in shipment?

  • Report the damage immediately.
  • Note on the BOL: Accepted but Damage and take picture of the damaged pallet on the truck.
  • Write on the Bill of Lading how many items were damaged. Ask the delivery driver to call their supervisor if they are unable to wait for you to check the boxes. This allows you to call the freight company at a later time with the exact number of damaged items and pictures of the damaged items. Sign the delivery slip and receive both the damaged and undamaged material. 
  • If your shipment arrives to you and the pallet it noticeably damaged in a SEVERE way. For example the pallet is damaged in a way where all boxes show visible damage. then please REJECT THE DELIVERY. 

Minor Imperfections such as scratches and chipped edges

  • Remember you are buying a Marble tile which is a Natural Product. And these minor imperfections are part of the  beauty and characteristic of Marble.
  • It is not unusual to have 2% - 3% of the tile imperfection to some degree (e.g. chipped edges, minor scratches...).These scratched or chipped tiles can still be installed when cut for installation.
  • Any amount up to 5% is still considered acceptable. Use these tiles for cuts that you will need to make. If breakage is above 5%, we would ask you to have it noted on the logistics receiving document(BOL) and take pictures. Please make a claim as soon as possible. 

  How to report damage

  • Please inspect your tiles upon arrival to verify that you have received the correct product, quantity, color and that there is no damage. We will be unable to process a claim for any damages if the damage is not reported immediately.
  • Please note that any damage not reported within three (3) days of delivery of the order will not be refunded.

 Damaged Materials

  • Although we make every effort to avoid damage and provide premium packaging, damage sometimes occurs.It is critical that you open and inspect all material immediately because we will be unable to process a claim for any damages if the damage is not reported immediately. 
  • The shipping company might require an inspection of the damaged material. You are responsible to hold on to borken tiles and all original packaging until the claim is fully processed.