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All About Borders and Trims and How To Use Them Effectively!

When it comes to border and trim tiles  there are many questions you may have such as what exactly is a border tile? What are trim pieces? How do you use border tiles? And so many more. Here we will get into what exactly finishing pieces are and how you can use them to effectively finish off your projects. 

Let's start with the basics. What exactly are border tiles? 

These pieces come in all sizes and finishes and are generally used to surround the main tiles to give the appearance of a more finished look. These tiles are perfect for highlighting or framing an area within the space of work. You can use these special borders on both your walls and floors to create a seamless finish. All Marble Tiles offers some gorgeous border tile options that go well with other marble tiles. Some of the most popular include: Blue stone and white carrara art border, Nero Marquina and pure white art border, and the Crema Marfil and pure white art border. 

These pieces are most commonly used for decorative purposes. For example if you are redoing your shower and you want to use two different materials on the wall you can use a border tile between the two to create a more seamless and aesthetic finish. If you are creating an accent piece on the floor you can use them all around the tiles you've placed down to give a picture frame effect. This will really help to highlight the design you are trying to create. 

Next up let’s go over: What exactly are trims?

Trim pieces are used for finishing off exposed tile edges. Generally when tiling a space if you aren't going wall to wall then you will need a trim piece to finish off the project.This will help to create a smooth transition where your tiles end.

There are so many different options and colors to choose from when you choose trims,borders, chair rails, moldings, and bullnoses. 

Here we have an example of what it looks like when you use pencil tiles to smooth over the transition between the gorgeous Duccia waterjet mosaic and the gray subway tile. The pencil molding adds a nice finishing touch. Waterjet mosaics make for gorgeous backsplash options. All Marble has so many different options for you to choose from including so many different patterns, colors and sizes. You can even mix and match different styles like the picture above to achieve your dream look. 

Many customers have come into the showroom located at 175 Moonachie road, Moonachie NJ 07074 looking to create gorgeous medallions for their floors. Many of them decide to use a pretty tile border to wrap around the medallion to create a picture frame effect. This not only helps to create a smooth transition from the medallion to the rest of the floor but it also makes it more of a statement piece and truly allows the medallion to shine. 

There are so many ways you can use borders to complete your looks. Another great option many people love to do is place them on the shower walls to add some dimension and interest to the room. Using Pinterest to create mood boards and exploring  all the different ways you can use these tiles is a fantastic way to discover which styles or patterns you prefer.

Almost all the marble that All Marble Tile’s carries comes with a matching trim piece such as the pencils and chair rails. There are endless opportunities to create a breathtaking finished product when you match your tiles with their finishing pieces.Many customers have loved adding these pieces to their kitchen backsplashes in order to create dimension and use different materials for their accent tile and the rest of the backsplash. A kitchen backsplash tile is the main focal point of your kitchen so adding a pencil tile or an art border tile to surround the area will really help to make the look stand out and make it even more of a gorgeous focal point. 

Hopefully this article was able to show you some of the importance of these products and how they can elevate your projects and offer not only an aesthetic appeal but also a functional purpose. 

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