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Christina Waterjet Mosaic Mother of Pearl

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This Christina luxury waterjet design is the ideal way to enhance your space or property whether you need to spiffy up an accent wall, kitchen backsplash or add a touch of sophistication to your bathroom walls. Made from a magnificent blend of white Thassos, which gives the Christina its beautiful milky appearance, as well as mother of pearl material. The Christina mosaic has white and silver gray color accents that compliment the cut and design of the waterjet tile. Overall, The Christina, when used will add warmth, brightness, and luster to any space. Each of the beautiful flowers and geometric elements has been interlocked perfectly to form the excellent mosaic design.away later.

Note: Due to the complexity of the design on these waterjet design, a sample will not represent the look of this tile. If you are interested in purchasing this item, please send us a request.