Dahlia waterjet mosaic
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Dahlia Waterjet Mosaic Thassos Carrara and Mother of Pearl

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A Dahlia flower design lends an elegant air to this waterjet mosaic. Dahlia flowers are known to be showstoppers in any garden so these Dahlia waterjet tiles should have no problems adding elegance and formality to your rooms, foyers, entryways, and bathrooms. The Dahlia luxury waterjet was meticulously crafted to create a natural Dahlia design that can complement the look and feel of your home. This waterjet mosaic comes with a brilliant polish and shine to enhance its light capturing abilities. It stands out thanks to its natural design and style so that what you get is a unique and polished eye-catching mosaic tile. Although the exterior of the Dahlia waterjet mosaic is glossy, it still has a natural appearance to it which is always an important decorative component when you want your space to stand out. In addition to its incredible design, the Dahlia water jet mosaic is durable, strong and resistant to easy damage or scratches which means that it will serve you as intended.

Note: Due to the complexity of the design on these waterjet design, a sample will not represent the look of this tile. If you are interested in purchasing this item, please send us a request.