Equator Marmara Marble Polished 24x24 Floor And Wall Tile
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Equator Marmara Marble Polished 24x24 Floor And Wall Tile

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Creating that perfect desirable ambiance in your house means using the best tiles you can get from the market. Equator Marble collection is what you are looking for to create a clean contemporary scene in your bathroom, kitchen and the living room. There are several great ways you can play around with Equator Marble tiles to turn your home into a lavish one. In the living room, try laying the entire floor with equator marble tiling then invest in pristine looking vases to compliment the amazing white grey wall. Some colorful paintings will also create a beautiful environment to read, watch TV or have a chat with friends and family. For your kitchen, having equator marble means you have a modern looking kitchen, which at times you may tweak it up with a classy touch. If you get your silver pots and pans hanging by the marble walls it not only creates convenience for cooking but it also looks amazing to you every time you walk in. Your bathroom could need an equator marble makeover to make the faucets look pristine and sparkly and the walls glitter whenever they splash with water. If possible work with different designs of the white grey hue from the equator marble collection. Please note that sample orders will be calculated per square foot price.

1 piece: 4 sq .ft. Minimum Quantity: 25 Pieces