Arabescato Carrara 12x12 Honed and Polished Marble Tile
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Arabescato Carrara 12x12 Honed and Polished Marble Tile

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Arabescato 12x12 Polished Marble Tile

Looking for a great Italian marble for your living room, bathroom or kitchen? Your search ends here with high end Arabescato Marble Collection.

This collection has unique looking tiles made of white marble and attractive grey veins running through the white surface. These tiles are highly recommended in a classic or modern styled home because they are versatile and timeless.

If used in a bathroom, the Arabescato Marble Collection evokes a calm and serene atmosphere fit to have your evening bubble bath, reading your favorite book. Arabescato Marble Collection comes in different sizes to fit the smallest to the largest room in your house with minimal tile wastage. The Arabescato 12x12 Polished is also available in Honed finish. Choose the finish of your choice prior to adding to cart.

We always recommend purchasing an additional 10%-15% of material for waste or breakage. Consult with your contractor for exact quanitities.