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Crema Marfil Water jet Mosaic A New Look for Your Bathroom

Defined by its warm and cream profile, Crema Marfil Marble adds life to an otherwise drab looking bathroom. It makes you look forward to coming home in the evening, soak in tub and just relax from the serene ambience. This marble tile is the makeover you have been looking for. The big question is why you should use Crema Marfil water jet mosaic and not any other tile? First we mention the benefit off adding light to your bathroom. Cold uncovered bathrooms walls and floor are the first source of dullness. Crema marfil is a tile that can be polished and textured to give it a light look which will illuminate your bathroom. It distributes light all over the room to reflect off that warm glow. READ MORE

Achieve a Royalty Look with Calacatta Gold Marble Tiles

If you are asking what that is, we can say its a unique way of inspiring royalty to your home using tiles. Calacatta Gold is a special stone tile mined in the hearts of Italy, on the Appian Mountains. Ever since it was discovered, it has been heavily used as a floor tile as well as wall tile, creating remarkable artistic visuals with a touch of natural gold in it. Calacatta gold tile also has one unique trait you wont notice in most tiles; you can easily mix it with other slab colors, specifically gold extra, Calacatta Borghini, Crema and Super Extra.READ MORE

How to Blend Dark Emperador Tile and Crema Marfil Marble Tile

When it comes to interior decoration you have to do it right. How best can you do it than using high quality stone tiles for their rich natural look? There are lots of ways you can redecorate with marble; however two great options you can go with are dark Emperador marble and Crema Marfil tile. READ MORE

Your bathroom and Thassos white marble floor and mosaic wall tiles | New York | New Jersey

Thassos white marble floor and mosaic wall tiles. It will lighten up that you are never sure whether you cleaned properly or not. You phone the landlord and he is in agreement. Its time for a change. However, he leaves the decision making in your hands. Maybe its time for a complete turnaround. Maybe its time for Thassos white marble floor and mosaic wall tiles. It enlightens your life.READ MORE